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Human & Organizational Change and Resource Management


Several change initiatives fail because the human and organization that are primarily the initiators of change failed to measure and evaluate the impact of change for apparent reasons. For an organization to build a strong Business Case, a proven methodology must be implemented that will build the right capabilities, leadership, culture and organizational structure that will make sure you have the right people in the right roles for sustained growth.

SPC Patterns Consulting will support your organization with a transformation pathway that will guide you throughout the journey thus improving organizational confidence and capabilities in period of uncertainties. The pathway will show clearly the landmarks that continually reassure you are getting closer to your desired destination. We will help at that critical point when an organization strategy is over strained and requires rejuvenation. We do critical review and tackle the problem with professionalism thus infusing a new life into your organization. Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge and expertise in business model design, organizational structure and culture and will make sure you have the right pegs in the right holes.

Our team of Consultants approaches every assignment holistically. We listen to your specific concerns and advise you on how best to address these sensitive concerns. Our team will work together with your best, taking cognizance of the sensitivities of your organization while applying tested and proven methodologies to solve the specific challenges of your organization. Our human resource management team will proffer informed perspective on the issues your staff face, thus enabling them to maximize human capital giving a competitive edge.

We are skilled in the following area, although we can create tailor-made programs for your organization

  • Succession Planning
  • Crisis Management
  • Conflict Management: Improving Relationships
  • Relocation program
  • Culture Management After Downsizing
  • Diversity Issues in the Workplace
  • Balance scorecard
  • Professional and Career Development
  • Retirement Planning
  • Retreats for Professional
  • System Dynamics
  • Assistance in negotiating/accepting offers
  • Management training for the First-Time Manager
  • Compensation and reward programs
  • 360 degree feed back
  • Ability to help companies maintain and even increase employee productivity during outplacement periods
  • Monthly status reports
  • Developing Policy, Procedure manuals and employee handbooks.
  • ETC




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