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Executive Training and Development

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Learning happens through interaction and collaboration–a dynamic, creative process that involves the exchange of ideas, not simply the accumulation of facts. We are associated to the knowledge and resources of Core professionals. We deliver in-house, in-plant, off-the-job courses and comprehensive training & development services throughout the year. Our Executive Training and Development Programs are designed specifically for individuals and corporate organizations that are interested in keeping their knowledge up-to-date and/or developing new skills and understanding in their chosen fields. Our programs appeal to a broad range of executive and senior managers in private, public & voluntary sector organizations including regulatory authorities and NGOs. We help organizations offer their most promising executives relevant management training while at the same time building them for higher responsibilities. SPC Patterns Consulting makes every effort to provide management development programs that do just this. We foster a critical perspective in our participants which broadens their horizon, while providing a process of personal development that makes them become more influential in the organization. Need your employees to learn a new software tool? Strengthen managerial skills? Refresh their knowledge of safe work practices? With training from SPC Patterns, you can cost-effectively enhance your employees’ skill sets, engagement and productivity.

These are some of our trainings but we can create tailor-made programs for your organization

  • Stress Management (Individual and Group)
  • Management Training for the First-Time Manager
  • Team restructuring
  • Executive and Employee Coaching and Development
  • Team Building/Departmental Development
  • Team Building/Departmental Development
  • Performance Coaching
  • Self-Esteem and Success
  • Fixing People Problems in the Workplace
  • Customer relation and services Training
  • Sales Training
  • Marketing Training
  • Presentation Skills
  • Finance and performance management
  • Human performance
  • Executive PA Training
  • Business Intelligence
  • Back office management
  • Desktop software skills – e.g., Microsoft Office, Lotus Notes, Adobe
  • Business skills – e.g., project management, communication, sales excellence
  • IT skills – e.g., Microsoft Exchange, Flash, SAP, Linux
  • Legal compliance – e.g., sexual harassment, workplace ethics, HIPAA
  • Environmental health and safety – e.g., injury prevention, lockout/tag out, back safety
  • And many more




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